Eco-friendly patented technology expertly engineered to prevent scaling
Irrigation & Agricutural Systems
The NCIWC water systems make water more productive by increasing its bioavailability to plant cells. It delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the plant while reducing scaling, harmful salts. The increase in nutrient solubility creates healthier plants and greater yields. The NCIWC water systems produce more plant for less water—a powerful boost for more profitable farming through NCIWC
The NCIWC breaks down minerals into smaller particles making them more bio-available to the plant cells. The bottom line results are dramatic: maximum hydration of healthy water with greater uptake of minerals results in greater yields, larger and better end product, earlier maturation, longer shelf life, and healthier plants
Irrigation Applications
Farm Houses
Green House Plantations
Issues Seen in Irrigation and Agriculture
Blockage & System Failure
Calcium Carbonate scale can collect inside of pumps, lines, emitters and sprinkler heads causing blockage and premature failure
Effects Photosynthesis
Calcium Carbonate scale collects on leaves and plant roots, slowing down Photosynthesis and nutrient intake
Promotes Bacteria
Hard water requires larger amounts of chemicals, fertilizers to be used. Calcium Carbonate also promotes the growth of bacteria
NCIWC Advantages in Agriculture
Zero Clogging
Increases flow through all irrigation lines
Increased Nutrient Intake
Increases bioavailability of water and nutrients to plants
High Plant Vigor & Quality
Increases oxygen concentration and soil conditions there by improving plant vigor and quality
Scale & Corrosion Prevention
Reduces friction in pumps and energy use by preventing hard water scale and corrosion
Moisture Retension
Increases water absorption and retention in soil
Assists Germination
Increases seed germination & Improves crop uniformity
Maximum Yield
Increases yields minimum 50%
Reduces Water Consumption
IReduces water use 10%-30% & removes salinity in soil within first year
Benefits with NCIWC to the Crop
Faster Water Absorbtion
The water from the out let of the converter reduces the alkalinity and thereby the salinity of the water gets removed and the water absorbs into soil faster
Decreases Power Utilization
The consumption of the water required for the plant gets reduced and the water pump running shall come down and there by the increasing power saving
Maximum Yield
The crop production and the yield get increased by more than 60% of the normal crop yield
Increases Soil Osmosis
The osmosis of the soil gets increased and the water absorbs faster to the roots of the soil. The plant always keeps the minimal water required at the roots
Improves Chlorophyll Production
The chlorophyll of the leaves i.e. the greenish color improves well and the yellowish fading shall never appear on the leaves
Zero Scale
In drip irrigation the converter water never allows any scale formation and no choking occurs at any delivery point
Maximum Yield
Increases yields minimum 50%
What can you do with NCIWC?