Eco-friendly patented technology expertly engineered to prevent scaling
Industrial Systems
NCIWC offers significant benefits over other hard water treatments. They eliminate the use of power and chemicals making them entirely eco-friendly and green. They stop the hard water scaling before it happens. They drastically reduce downtime for heavy maintenance on already built up scale. When you combine all of these assets NCIWC is unmatched by other solutions that take a lot of money, time, and energy to maintain.
Industrial Applications
Boilers and Heat Exchangers
Cooling towers
Chilling plants & Condenser systems
Water Storage Tanks in Industries
Fire Safety
Issues Faced by the Industrial Sector
High Energy Consumption
Conventional water softners use high amounts of energy to function, making it an energy intensive operation.
Chemical Dosing
Many companies choose to try and solve that by adding chemicals dosing, this is a momentary partial solution and takes constant laborious maintenance efforts
Operational Downtime
Even after adding chemicals, most systems have to be shut down entirely for manual scale removal using heavy machinery that can actually do harm to the systems
The chemicals added to try and fight the already built up scale can be harmful to the environment
Loss of Revenue
When you shut down you are losing production hours, and spending a lot of money during a non-working period. Between these lost hours, and the constant purchasing of harmful chemicals, ROI suffers
Benefits with NCIWC in Industrial Applications
Energy Efficient
NCIWC is highly efficient when it comes to energy consumption. Only about 5 Volts and 5-10 amps of power needed to function . Mineral deposits that restrict water flow are prevented, improving the equipment productivity and lessening energy usage
Revenue & ROI
Reduction in downtime leading to decrease in maintenance costs and production losses and increase in Revenue/ROI
Efficient Cleaning
The amount of cleaning liquid needed to maintain your equipment and job site is reduced considerably, which directly results in the reduction in cleaning costs, water usage
Increased Equipment Lifespan
NCIWC extends the lifespan of systems like boiler systems, pipes, cooling towers, industrial machines and other water management equipment by decreasing detrimental mineral buildup
Green Solution
No environment damaging chemicals needed to clean scale
Oil & Gas Solutions
Oil with high paraffin contents
Reverse osmosis pre treatment
Water Storage Tanks in Industries
Water Flooding
Benefits of using NCIWC in Oil/Gas Solutions and RO Plants
Zero Downtime
Compressors run more efficiently with fewer restrictions due to lack of scaling leading to reduction in downtime. Immediate increase in revenue as a direct consequence
Easy Maintenance
Use of chemicals to maintain compressors is reduced considerably extending the application’s lifespan
Environmentally Friendly
No environment damaging chemicals needed to clean scale
Reduced Power Consumption
RO in-house power consumption gets reduced by 40-50%
Back Wash Time Reduction
Back wash time gets reduced by 60%, resulting in tenfold increase in life of the RO Candles
Reuse Rejected Water
The rejected water gets reduced by 40%. The same rejected water can be re-circulated through our converter to avoid further rejection keeping the same output of the Ro Plant
Zero Gel Formation
Biocides fouling or formation of gel on the RP membranes shall not form at all resulting in increase in the life time of membranes
What can you do with NCIWC?