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Role of Water in Construction
Water plays a major role in the fields of bricks making & construction sector. As the water is the major ingredient in bonding of the bricks, concrete mixing & curing. Even Motors, pipe lines, taps, shower heads and other costly bathroom fitting are affected by non-potable water from the bore sources which we majorly depend upon
Water for Brick Production, Construction & Curing
Water is one of the most important elements in brick making & construction but people still ignore quality aspect of this element. The water is required for preparation of bricks, mortar, mixing of cement con- crete and for curing work etc during construction work. The quality and quantity of water has much effect on the strength of Bricks, mortar and cement concrete in construction work
Construction Applications
Infrastructure construction
Industrial construction
Effect of Hard Water on motors, pipe lines, shower heads & bathroom fittings
Water Seepage
Seeping in the interiors of the building
Stress on Motor
More time taken to pump water to overhead tanks because of scale formations & gel leading to current wastage and excess load on motor
Frequent blockages of your shower heads & taps
Algae Bloom
Algae formations at the leakages & patches on the structures
White spotting of salts & scales on the taps, wash basins, bath tubs and other costly fittings
Effect of Hard Water on Brick Production, Concreate Mix and Curing
Decreased Strength
Inhibits proper bondage of the bricks during production leading to decreased strength in the bricks
Appearance of Cracks in Concrete
Bad water can affect the quality of the concrete mixtures leading to decreased strength in the construction & early deteriorations of the buildings & formation of air cracks
Loss of Integrity
RCC slabs gets fallen like patches with loose concrete due to bad quality of water used in concrete mixing
Rusting of the steel bars which are considered the major strength to the structure
Affects Curing
Bad water adversely affects the curing procedures in constructions which is plays a major role in the strength of the structures
Advantages With Our Water Converter (NCIWC)
Increased Strength
Increases the strength of the complete structure and also the compression strength by more than 15 %
Improves Workability
It improves mixture of concrete and makes it highly versatile
High Density
Density and strength of the structure is increased with the need for additional cement pours
Reduced Power Consumption
RO in house power consumption gets reduced by 40-50%
Back Wash Time Reduction
Back wash time gets reduced by 60%, resulting in tenfold increase in life of the Ro Candles gets increased
Zero Cracks
No air cracks in the structures and Long lasting RCC slabs with best water curing practice
Strong Brics
NCIWC improves the integrity of Brics by making the Solid and Strong
What can you do with NCIWC?