Eco-friendly patented technology expertly engineered to prevent scaling
Hydration and Nutrient Consumption
Water is one of the most important nutrients that an animal consumes, and NCIWC water dramatically improves hydration in all living creatures. Numerous important biological processes require water, such as digestion, absorption, transport and excretion of nutrients and metabolites, components of milk, body temperature regulation and cellular metabolism. Death occurs about nine to ten times more quickly as a result of water deprivation than because of feed deprivation. Poor-quality water or the lack of an adequate supply will depresses an animal's performance more quickly and more dramatically than any other nutrient deficiency. The amount of available water and the water quality are often overlooked when developing feeding pro- grams for dairy cattle. When the amount or quality of water becomes restrictive, an animal will not per- form at the maximum of its genetic potential. If cows are only able to drink once or twice a day, they will produce less milk; and if adequate water is not available or the quality of the water is low, feed con- sumption will be reduced and performance will be depressed
Poultry Farming
Chickens watered with NCIWC water grew larger, with an increase in the meat to fat ratio, and experi- enced reduced mortality rates. Also, poultry have showed an increase in egg production when watered with NCIWC. NCIWC water supports the growth and development of the bone structure in chickens and other poultry. Chicks drinking this water showed an increase in their bone-formation process, and improved blood morphology. In addition, premature death rates among chicks decreased by 2 to 3 times the average rate.
Industrial Systems
Dairy cows that drink NCIWC water have shown an increase in milk production with the same amount of milk fat as present in cows drinking ordinary water. They also have a longer lactation period with fewer non-productive days and overall health is better demonstrated that young male cattle watered with NCIWC water increased their dry feed intake, while improving their digestion and nitrogen retention. These animals also show an enhanced resistance to disease. NCIWC water also can be used for the hygienic cleaning of storage buildings, and for the main line that carries milk from the milking facilities
Animal Husbandry
Issues seen in Animal Husbandry
System Clogging
Calcium Carbonate scale build up in the watering systems can plug lines, nozzles, valves, cool cells and also coat over heating elements in water heaters and humidifiers causing them premature burn out
Formation of Milk Stones
Calcium Carbonate scale builds up in milking equipment allowing for the formation of milk stone in high protein dairy herds.
Ingestion of Calcium Carbonate
Water is in the form of caco3, which is not safe for animal ingestion
Micro-organism buildup
Untreated increases the build up of Micro-organisms by folds, which is not safe for animals as they increase the chances infections and disease
Affects Homoginization
Homogeneity of the milk does not happen, when the milk is passed through the converter
Affects Pasteurzation
Pasteurization does not occurs automatically and the process would require HTST (High Temperature Short Time)
Gunky Tanks & Filthy Floors
Pasteurization does not occurs automatically and the process would require HTST (High Temperature Short Time)
Benefits of using a NCIWC in Animal Husbandry
Reduction in Scale Formation
Scale build up is reduced allowing for better water flow allowing nozzles and valves to operate more efficiently. Prevents scale formation on cooling blades for climate control rearing of birds
Prevention of Milk Stones
Reduction of scale in the milking equipment allows for little of no chemicals to prevent milk stone build up
Environmentally Friendly
No environment damaging chemicals needed to clean scale
Reduces Micro-organism Buildup
Reduces algae and bacteria build up
Improves Nutrient uptake
Increases feeding and also help animals in absorbing nutrients
p.H stability & Source of Calcium
Keeps (p.H.) stability in the water & Provides a source of healthy Calcium for animals
What can you do with NCIWC?