Eco-friendly patented technology expertly engineered to prevent scaling
Water A Great Solvent
Water being a "universal solvent" can dissolve considerable amount of soluble minerals it comes into contact with in nature
Water A Vital Nutrient
Water contains elements essential for healthy living, including calcium and magnesium
Calcium Carbonate is found in three forms (Calcite, Aragonite and Vatrite). These three forms are know to cause scaling in some form or the other
Magnesium while contributing to water hardness, Magnesium does not deposit as scale
Hardness In Water
Hardness in water is largely caused by Calcium and Magnesium. When hard water is heated such as in a home water heater, solid deposits of calcium carbonate can form. This scale can reduce the life of equipment, raises the cost of heating the water, lower the efficiency of electric water heaters, and colg pipes
Benefits of Hard Water
Humans need minerals to stay healthy, and the World Health Organization (WHO) states that drinking-water may be a contributor of calcium and magensium in the diet and could be important for those who are marginal for calcium and magenesium intake
Events that Cause Scaling
Hot Water Scaling
Water heaters, humidifiers, kettles, boilers, heat exchangers etc, are highly susceptible to scaling due to the use of untreated hard water. As temperature rises, the amount of Calcium that can be held in the solution decreases. This leads to excess calcium forming bonds with available Carbon to form Calcium Carbonate (in the Calcite form) which is then deposited as hard scale
Cold Water Scaling
Rise in pH levels in the untreated water caused scaling. Carbon Dioxide dissolved in water under pressure takes the form of Carbonic acid. When the water pressure drops water becomes less acidic. Carbonic acid gasses off in the form of Carbon Dioxide causing an instant pH rise, causing pH related cold water scaling include nozzles, faucets and shower heads
NCIWC - A Unique Solution
  • Water remains neutral as only the physical properties change, due to which no corrosion is seen
  • Fit and forget system where no maintenance is required
  • Less power required for operation leading to less electricity bills
  • No pollution and even the Recycled bleed water can be reused as its non-toxic
  • Investment gets payed back over a period of time, increasing ROI
Conventional Equipment
  • Composition of water changes as the water becomes acidic thereby eating away Copper tubes and pipelines
  • Requires daily maintenance and constant water quality
  • Large units of electricity is required for its operations
  • Causes water pollution and disposal of untreated rejected water becomes a huge problem
  • Recurring expenses due to compulsory maintenance
Innovative Technology
Whole Health, Pure Performance
Electric Field
As water passes through our equipment, it is subjected to a turbulent interaction in a catalytic chamber. Dc power of 5volts and 5-10 mille amps is supplied creating an enclosed electric field
Turbulence coupled with enclosed electric filed converts Calcite to Aragonite, creating an adhesive & cohesive condition. In turn leading to weakening of positive & negative bonds in the desolved compounds. Thus the effect of their presence in water is totally removed
Electric Field
Electric current causes an important change to take place. A percentage of the Calcium and Carbon in the water comes out of solution and goes into suspension forming Calcium Carbonate in the aragonite state. The microscopic aragonite crystal formations remain suspended in the water and pass harmlessly through the system. Changes in temperature or pH no longer lead to hard scale deposits
As the process repeats itself, newly created Aragonite crystal formations are continually produced thus preventing scale deposits. The process also continues to gradually remove any scale that may have accumulated in the past. This is due to the water being under saturated with dissolved calcium and carbon
Surface Tension
Surface tension of water molecules is reduced allowing the water to absorb greater quantities of minerals typically calcium & magnesium Carbonates & other bicarbonates. Scale forming mineral molecules and slime forming bacteria cells are charged to same electrical polarity there by repelling against each others instead of bonding together or to another elements forming scale & slime deposits
Control of Biofilm Formation
NCIWC can have a positive affect is in controlling the formation of Bio-Film
A biofilm is composed of living, reproducing microorganisms, such as bacteria, that exist as a colony, or community. A biofilm forms when certain microorganisms (for example, some types of bacteria) adhere to the surface of some object in a moist environment and begin to reproduce. The microorganisms form an attachment to the surface of the object by secreting a slimy, glue-like substance
Biofilms can form on just about any imaginable surface: metals, plastics, and on and on, when biomass adheres to surfaces in wet environments
The plaque on your teeth which causes tooth decay is one type of bacterial bio film
The "gunk" that clogs your household drains and slime in septic tanks, water pipes and etc are also another forms Bio-films
Problems with Biofilms
After the slime layer forms, a veritable micro-ecology can flourish.
The slime layer helps trap additional organic particles that many bacteria can use for food and energy
Other microorganisms including viruses, protozoa, algae, fungi, and other eliminates may become associated with or entrained within the bio film
As the thickness increases, pieces of Bio films can shear off, allowing for colonization of downstream sections of the water system
Why Biofilm Resistance is Important
Biofilm resistance is a key to keeping water safe and free of harmful containmants
It reduces the risk of accumalation of microorganisms which may cause health problems
Impaired water quality, including taste and smell.
Bacterial growth, including multiplication of Legionella and Pseudomonas as well as increased counts of Coliform bacteria.
What can you do with NCIWC?