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Eco Friendly Superior Water Treatment Solutions
Filtered by our Patented NANO CATALYTIC INSTANT WATER CONVERTER technology
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Our Patented NCIWC technology
Sustainability made simple
NCIWC is exclusively designed one time fixture which performs the dual function of scale prevention as well as scale removal, bacteria, destruction of algae and bio film, without using any kind of chemicals, salts membranes or filters. NCIWC is 100 % environmental friendly with zero maintenance.
Retaining essential minerals in water
Our converter NCIWC has a Catalytic chamber where we create an artificial turbulence leading to particle breakage using unique materials that alters the state of CaCO3 & MgSO4. These minerals are retained in the water but under a different structure which cannot bond and form scale.
Higher degree of reliability & maximize effluent quality
The NCIWC with turbulence & particle breakage trigger the precipitation of CaCO3 in H2O in the form of stable aragonite crystals. Existing scaling is also dissolved and previously deposited scale can be cleared over a period of time. The conversion in the water is permanent so that once treated the water remains treated for ever.
Product Installation
Product hightlights
An environmental friendly water treatment solution
Finding The Best Match
Product Manufacturing and its Incorporation into your Use Case
Our Domestic, Commercial and Industrial water treatment systems are manufactured using high quality components and are quality tested with highest industry standards. Our product increases efficiency and output of the systems, while being environmentally responsible.
Talk to the engineers to figure out which solution and configuration suits your use case the best. If you able to figure out what product is needed or is suited for you, let us know the specification and we will do the rest. If you cannot and need assistance, we would be glad to help you out. We will come over or get on to a virtual call to analyse your requirement based on our pre-requisites.
Environmental Friendly
Zero Maintenance
No Water Wastage
No Chemicals
No Salt
Extreme Portability
Easy DIY Installation
Little Electricity
Fit & Forget
Succinct requirements
Factors we consider to assess the best suitable product that fits your needs
  • Analysis of Water
  • Source of water
  • Required flow rate
  • Application Use case (Industrial, Domestic/Household, Construction, Agricultrual/Irrigation and Animal Husbandry etc..)
  • Desired outcome
  • Available Power source
Operational Benefits
Save thousands of Rupees (INR)
Scale reduces the thermal transfer efficiency by as much as 10 % or more. Eliminating Scale will help you to save a lot in operational costs due to less consumption of electricity
Ability to Re-cycle Bleed Water (Non-Toxic)
Maintain maximum operating efficiency even in the warmest weather through the removal of Scale with added ability to Re-cycle Bleed water
User Friendly
Easy to Install and Use
Does not reqiure a plumber or an electrician, making it a DIY install. Our one time install and forget system is extremely safe and user friendly. Portable and easy to move between multiple job sites
Multiple Use Cases
Can be used across multiple sectors such as Industries, Domestic & Household, Agiculture & Irrigation, Animal Husbandry and Construction fields
No more constant maintenance Costs
NCIWC does not require regular maintenance or acid cleans leading to its long product lifespan. Also increases the life of Cooling Systems & Boilers, Life Stock Feeders, Compressors & Etc
Reduce Water Wastage
Less system bleeds
NCIWC helps in reduction of system bleed rates by lessening the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level in the cooling water
Solutions by Sectors
NCIWC, helps organizations in every industry become more productive.
Industrial Systems
  • Boilers and Heat Exchangers
  • Cooling towers
  • Chilling plants & Condenser systems
  • Water Storage Tanks in Industries
  • Compressors
  • Fire Saftey
Our Customers
Helping our Customers succeed with NCIWC
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After we got NCIIWC from Divyashakthy Technologies installed in our Palm oil mills, we are pleased to inform that we are extremely satisfied with its performance. NCIIWC has help us to cut down on the use of Chemicals in treatment. Additionally, we observed a saving of around ₹1200 per day!. Cost of treatment chemicals reduced from Rs 18/KL to Rs 14/KL. We highly recommend the NCIWC to any and all potential clients. No formation of scale seen post NCIWC installation in MS Pipe Line.

M. Venkataramaiah - DGM (Works)

@Ruchi Soya Industries Limited Ltd

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After installing NCIWC by Divyashakthy, Scale formed prior to installation of unit has completely reduced fromour system. We now dont need to use any chemical treatment for scale removal. Even the loose scale in the unit accumulated over time can easily be remove after flushing by water. The performance of the unit is extremely satisfactory and could not have asked for a better product.

Sathish Zade (Chief Dairy Manager)

@Haldiram’s Foods International Pvt Ltd

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We have installed the water converter (NCIWC) manufuctured by M/S. DIVYASHAKTHY TECHNOLOGIES, Hyderabad at various places for our poultry Farms in Telengana State and the results are satisfactory and a few of them are mentioned here under. The chlorination dosage in the feed water tank is completely stopped as the bacteria in the water after the converter is Zero. The Birds are taking good quantities of water after using said equipment. The scale formation is completely removed in the pipelines, Tanks and bird water feed vessels & dripper. Whitish scale formation on the sheds cooling pads is not found. The birds are improving in putting up weight and food intake is increased. No algae are found after converter in the water, where ever it is stored.



What can you do with NCIWC?